Can't let go
door Wim Godden
I sent a poem last week
But it seems it made me weak
For you don't seem to care at all
I seem to be an empty wall
If you should really care
If those feelings are truly there
And you hide it all for me
We might never see
What love brings for two
What it can really do
For be sure I might
Like the never ending tide
Return with every moon
And show my love as soon
As I find that in your heart
You have the same to guard
Be sure, my dear
As long as I am near
I shall not waste another day
To clearly portray
How deep you're in my soul
How much I need you in whole
For words may not come
Not many, maybe some
But looks will surely tell
And hopefully ring a bell
That makes it clearly too
I only want to be with you.

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